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Pick up the phone and be connected with your clients/colleagues. Connect everyone together at the same time as if you were all in the same room. AccuConference offers professional conferencing services for small, medium and large businesses. Only AccuConference gives you every option when it comes to your conferencing calls.

Web Conferencing allows you to use the power of the Web to reach clients, prospects, and team members in a whole new way. You’ll never need to leave your office again on overnight travel when you discover the power of Web Conferencing.

Conference Call Services:

  • Pay as You Go
  • Operator Assisted Calls
  • Toll Free Conference Calls
  • Pay Per Month
  • Event Planning
  • International Conference Calling

Pay as You Go
(Pay-As-You-Go): Includes Web Conferencing (insight or Meeting Central) The account holder receives a monthly bill and participants can talk for free. No monthly requirements - only charged for minutes used. For calls with 3 to hundreds of callers.

Pay Per Month
Pay-Per-Month): Includes Insight Web Conferencing The flat monthly rates are based on the amount of lines reserved. See pricing chart here. The account holder does not pay for the participant's phone usage (including long distance).

Operator Assisted Calls
With Operator Assisted calls, you can select from any of our Enhanced Options to make sure your Conference Call is a success. We are eager to help you plan and execute your next conference call.

Event Planning
Our support team can help organize your large conference call. We specialize in setting up high profile calls by using pre and post conference planning tools. Have us create a customized registration page and send email reminders at no extra cost!

Web Conferencing - Three Great Plans with Loads of Options

Option One. Select our insight™ Web Conferencing plan – Get PowerPoint®, instant chat and online voting/polling options (included with all audio accounts).

Option Two.  Select our Meeting Central® Unlimited Pro plan - Get Web Conferencing (included with toll-free audio accounts).  Includes PowerPoint®, application sharing, desktop sharing, remote control sharing, web tour, white boarding, and instant chat.

Option Three.  Select our Meeting Central® with Video Conferencing plan – Get Video, PowerPoint®, application sharing, desktop sharing, remote control sharing, web tour, white boarding, and instant chat.

International Conference Calling
Dial-out to these Countries for the same as Domestic Rate: NO Additional Cost!

  • Australia - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Austria - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Belgium - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Canada - All
  • Chile - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • China - All
  • Denmark - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • France - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Germany - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Hong Kong - All
  • Ireland - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Italy - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Japan - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Netherlands - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Mexico - Guadalajara , Mexico City, Monterey
  • New Zealand - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Norway - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia - Moscow , St. Petersburg non-mobile
  • Singapore - All
  • Spain - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • South Korea - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Sweden - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Switzerland - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • Taiwan - All non-mobile or non-premium
  • United Kingdom - All non-mobile or non-premium
Only 7.9 cents per minute - AccuConference Conference Calling

Why AccuConference

Discover what it feels like to reach a customer service agent within seconds. No touch-tone menu, no waiting on hold, just a real live person, a conference call specialist will answer the phone quicker than how long it takes to read this paragraph. Experience the 8 / 5 / 100 rule - 8 second hold time, 5 minute setup, 100% satisfaction.

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