Bonded DS1 Circuits

Single or Multi Bonded T-1's up to 12 Mb

Low T1 Rates has relationships with over 30 providers nationwide Tier 1 high speed T1 (DS1), T3 (DS3), OC3, OC12 for dedicated voice, data, integrated voice and data and bonded T1 broadband connections. We will explore 3 Mb, 4.5 Mb, 6 Mb, 7.5 Mb up to 12 Mb options for you to assist in determining which options are within budget. Which is more cost effective, multi bonded T1's or a fractional DS3? The cost for a 10 Mb fractional DS3 as opposed to 10 Mb bonded varies significantly. We will run multiple quotes for you and present options side-by-side to determine which best meets your requirements.

Will you need a multi port router? Not all providers offer a router with bonded service. We can help eliminate those that do not include a fully managed router or select providers without a router and use your existing equipment for additional monthly savings.

If you would like to compare the lowest cost bonded T1 prices, enter your information to view high speed T1 rates in "real time". If you are a returning customer, "Track Your T1 Order Status". Not exactly sure of the type of T1 service your business needs? T1 Terms and Definitions

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Side-by-side cost analysis with a detailed proposal from a premier T1 Rate provider.

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We will confirm if Bonded T1 is available in your area and assist with negotiating the lowest rate possible. We will inform you of any carrier discounts currently offered.


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We broker a large volume and pass the savings on to our clients. Contacting our providers directly will not save you money, you will probably be quoted a higher rate. Let our professional staff and industry Management Level contacts do the work for you.- Low T1 cost guarantee!

 Point 2 Point private line and VPN options are also available. We request you provide your remote location to determine bandwidth options and connectivity in Step 2.

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Bonded T1 providers available for the following states: Alabama T1 Arizona T1 Arkansas T1 California T1 Colorado T1 Connecticut T1 Delaware T1 District of Columbia T1 Florida T1 Georgia T1 Hawaii T1 Idaho T1 Illinois T1 Indiana T1 Iowa T1 Kansas T1 Kentucky T1 Louisiana T1 Maine T1 Maryland T1 Massachusetts T1 Michigan T1 Minnesota T1 Mississippi T1 Missouri T1 Montana T1 Nebraska T1 Nevada T1 New Hampshire T1 New Jersey T1 New Mexico T1 New York T1 North Carolina T1 North Dakota T1 Ohio T1 Oklahoma T1 Oregon T1 Pennsylvania T1 Rhode Island T1 South Carolina T1 South Dakota T1 Tennessee T1 Texas T1 Utah T1 Vermont T1 Virginia T1 Washington T1 West Virginia T1 Wisconsin T1 WyomingT1