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Established in 2000, we specialize in high quality, low cost voice/data connections to our many clients. At we believe in straight-talk. We'll tell you. We'll also inform you if you are being overcharged by your current provider and what to expect once you decide to upgrade or apply for service. We'll stick with you Before and AFTER you sign the contract in the event billing or other issues arise. No hype. Just service, honesty, and straight-talk.

Preview by Thumbshots.comECS Telecom / Low T1 Rates provides real time availability, identify providers serving your location (s) and instant price quote confirmation and eliminate the guess work for you. Customers simply enter their information into our price quoting form and compare DS3 and Business xDSL pricing immediately. OCx, point to point, VPN and multi location circuits can also be priced rapidly and often requires confirmation on an individual ICB basis to ensure accuracy. If you are looking for a financially stable T1/T3 data and/or voice provider, we look forward to working with you. If curios, the provider compensates us. We will never send you a bill for our services. Please contact us as soon as possible for a one-on-one consultation or if you would like to review instant quotes, Voice / Data form.

Telecom Assoc Member.Our company recently assisted a client to successfully negotiate a Government contract for multi T1 data services and POS for a National Monument - Hoover Dam and a proud Telecom Association Member. We are open Monday through Saturday morning PST. Our East coast clients find this extremely beneficial. Often they're in the office past 5:00 pm EST and only 2:00 Pacific our time. We're here to assist them with adding services or answer questions when they arise.

environmentally conscious companyECS Telecom is an environmentally conscious company. We purchase green products whenever possible with an aggressive waste management recycling program.

What we do

We will locate the best pricing and service in your city from the best Nationwide Tier 1 carriers. Low T1 Rates has partnerships with industry leading providers that utilize the backbone of AT&T, Level 3, XO Communications, CenturyLink and other world class carriers that own their backbone and equipment infrastructure. We specialize in securing and identifying high quality, low priced voice/data services to our telecommunication customers.

"Real time pricing will do for telecommunications shopping what Lending Tree did for banking, let the carriers compete!" states Mr. Horan. "We believe our customers time should not be wasted searching and waiting for T1 and DS3 price quote information. Comparing features and costs has never been easier with in the telecommunications industry." With that vision, ECS Telecom / Low T1 Rates decided to offer a system that carried no bias towards one particular carrier AND gave immediate pricing feedback! Instant service confirmation and real-time price quotes.

We are the best at what we do. We have been selling telecommunication services since 2000 and our corporate officers have a proven track record of picking the top communication vendors and steering clear of less reliable sources. Will your existing provider inform you of a cost reduction and recommend negotiating a new contract to benefit from the annual savings? We do. Our clients appreciate our knowledge of the industry and our honesty.

Why not go direct

Low T1 Rates has secured wholesale pricing not offered direct to the public. We constantly monitor which providers are offing special discounts so you can take advantage of the additional savings. Let our relationships with Top Nationwide Providers do the work for you. A free service to you, LowT1Rates will save you time and money.

We recommend the use of brokers in the search for service and we also recommend using a broker to sign up for your service. As ECS Telecom's Founding Director, Bob Horan, puts it "Many people believe they can beat the system by contacting a broker to get pricing and other information as quickly as possible and will then go straight to the carrier believing they can get better service. This "end-run" process is actually a good way to cut yourself out of some of the biggest advantages of having a broker."


1. - The advantage of ordering through a broker is that you will get a second channel of customer service and current information on promotions and price breaks. If the company is not performing to expectation you will always be able to go back to your broker who puts a significant volume through the carrier. A broker is much more likely to get the companies attention and have your problem solved.

2. - Brokers don't mark up the price of services. They offer the same or better rates than you would get if you did go direct to the company. Often, you will be quoted a higher rate.

You can shop for T1 service in real-time using our web pricing tool: T1 Rate Tool

Telecommunications Partners Wanted

If you would like to create a steady residual income stream as an Independent Agent through the marketing of T-1 lines to business around the country, you have come to the right place. In just a few short months, many people just like you have joined our program and now enjoy the fiscal rewards of partnering with us.

For more information about how you too can get started, please call or email us at your earliest convenience. We will do all in our capacity to respond to your inquiry quickly. Also visit our VAR Value Added Reseller page for additional information.   Phone #: 541- 896-3094 PST if you have questions, we'd love to hear from you.

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